Where to Find Gold Quotes Online

Are you trying to find gold quotes online? Gold has had quite a year in 2010. It did continue a ten-year trend of annual increase, and also hit a new all time peak on December 7 of $1,432.50. While this is not the most expensive gold has ever been (when adjusted for inflation, 1980 was still higher) it is at least setting new records.

Where can you find information about the price of gold? Quotes can be found at popular financial sites like Yahoo, Google, MSN, DailyFinance, CNN Money and Reuters. There are also dozens of gold news sites and coin dealers who publish quotes, up to the minute prices, and predictions for the coming year.

Why is gold increasing? And just when you think it’s on a roll, why does it decrease? For the most part, gold is accelerating, because historically, gold does well in recession. Unlike other precious metals, the price of gold is not determined by volatile market movement. Gold is unique in this ability, and that is why it always holds stronger value than silver and other metals that move along with the market.

Gold has store of value properties and hedge qualities, making it a great investment tool and a defense against inflation. Whenever one invests in gold, he or she doesn’t risk anything. Even if there is no appreciation resulting from gold coinage saving or gold trading, one still keeps solid assets that are market-resistant. You could easily buy gold one year, wait a few years, and then convert it into cash for the same value as you put in. Never mind that orange juice costs $10 now…you still get back what you put into the investment, regardless of how much the living standard has risen.

Sometimes gold quotes decrease in price because of temporary dollar increases. However, this is not really a long-term sign of decreasing value. Why not start looking into gold quotes today? Gold is such a commodity and a protection (against inflation as well as dollar fall out) that the collecting of it has actually been sanctioned by the government during recessionary times. During The Great Depression years, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration actually banned “gold hoarding” and forced people to stop saving up gold.

Insiders say it’s unlikely the government would pursue such an action today, but it’s safe to assume that if you don’t start buying gold now, eventually you will run out of opportunity. Whether that opportunity is because of government ban, a shortage in supply, a hike in price, or other factors, remains to be seen.

However, the point is understood. Get your gold quotes while you can!

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