Tungsten Carbide Rings vs. Platinum Rings

Shopping for rings involves several decisions. Look, luster and cost will all affect your final choice, but it's worth considering a few other factors as well. Practical considerations should not be overlooked. One important question to ponder is how long your ring will remain pristine. When you are wearing the ring every day, durability becomes a crucial issue.

Traditional precious metals are now being challenged by some 21st century alternatives, with tungsten carbide rings attracting a lot of interest. If you find yourself torn between platinum and tungsten carbide rings, it's worth making a comparison checklist of their relative advantages.

Platinum's white luster is one of the main appeals of this precious heavy metal. Tungsten rings have a flawless surface that also offers impressive luster without the need for polishing.

Platinum rings can scratch easily, so need to be treated very carefully. Polishing a platinum ring will remove some of the surface material, meaning that the ring will diminish with repeated polishing over years. Tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible. This makes them an ideal choice for people who work with their hands and want to be sure that their ring will retain its flawless sheen. Oils from the skin, or from food-preparation or work processes, will not discolor the metal.

Different engraving processes are used for the different metals. Platinum rings can be engraved in the traditional way. Tungsten rings, due to the strength of the metal, are engraved using lasers

Platinum is a relatively rare and expensive heavy metal, substantially more costly than gold. Tungsten carbide is a comparatively inexpensive light metal. When budget is a consideration, tungsten rings offer an attractive and affordable option. This can be an important issue if you ever have to replace a lost ring.

Both metals offer a great choice of designs, although platinum rings sometimes require expert jewelers to bring out their luster, which can add to the expense. Tungsten carbide rings are available in a wide choice of striking, modern designs that are very eye-catching, or in the classic, traditional wedding band styles.

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