Top 5 Social Media Powerhouses in 2012

Through social media, individuals can utilize online networks to find old friends, and create new ones. Not only that, there have been those who have found love due to the social media networks and others who have found disaster. No matter how you look at it, social media is here to stay so we might as well get used to it. Many social media networks offer additional features such as blogs, forums, and personal profile pages for individuals and businesses as well. 

One of the most popular added attractions of social networks consist of video sections, where members can catch up on their latest celebrity musician or actor. The video section can consists of a variety of things such as videos, movie trailers, and TV snips. 

The wonder of social media networking was brought to the stratosphere by MySpace. From there social networking developed into something more than teenagers looking for new friends and indulging in the latest sneaker craze and who they might have a crush on. People from all walks of life are now engaging in social media and have found out how they can enhance their social lives without leaving the house, or they can always watch TV and enjoy their Comcast cable service. 

Here is a list of the top 5 social media powerhouses of 2012:

1. Facebook – Still the #1 social media outlet, Facebook brings millions of people of all ages together from around the world. Companies have begun to see the true value in spreading there brand through the means of Facebook pages.

2. Twitter – Known as being the celebrity playground for dropping short updates informing loyal fans of current developments. Large companies are now using this site to create larger followings, and building promotions or brands.

3. Google+ - Although this social media venue is newer than the rest, with combining the best formats from Facebook and Twitter, it won’t be long before it becomes as popular as the rest of its social media cousins.

4. LinkedIn – The businessman’s Facebook, this site allows people to place resumes and current skills or trades to a large network of professional markets.

5. Pinterest – A growing site that allows people alike to share favorite pictures, posts, or videos on their own board. Companies have recently seen the value in creating their own Pinterest boards to draw a larger following.


What Social Media sites are you currently active in?

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