This Mother’s Day, think inside the box

CARE is one of the world’s largest private humanitarian organizations. It was founded in 1945, when 22 American organizations came together to rush lifesaving CARE Packages® of food to survivors of World War II.

This year, why not present a Care Package to someone who deserves recognition for her many years of service to you? Your mother. It’s a unique way to make her feel visible and valued, especially on Mother’s Day. Here’s how:

1. Find a cardboard box or buy a plain brown mailing box that’s 12” x 12” x 5-1/2.”

2. Decorate the box to look like a CARE Package

3. Have family members select an item to place into the box that represents a special way mom has cared for them – whether it’s an act or an attitude. Here are some examples:

- Ultrabrite Toothpaste from dad, because he loves how she greets him with a warm smile when he comes into the house.

- A key chain and travel coffee mug from her 18-year-old daughter, because she’s thankful for all the times mom drove her to her early-morning skating practices.

- A pillowcase from her 10-year-old son, because mom doesn’t demand that he make his bed on weekends.

- A package of pasta from the family, because mom’s spaghetti is the best in the world!

4. Write down what each item represents on a single sheet of paper and place it inside the box.

5. If desired, add a certificate of financial donation to CARE in mom’s name (

6. After your mother’s day meal and while everyone is seated, have mom pull each item out of the box.

7. Each family member who includes a gift tells mom its meaning, and how much she’s loved and appreciated.

A Care Package is not only a simple and inexpensive way to celebrate mom, it’s a gift that packs a lot of punch. Happy Mother’s Day!

About Cheryl:

Cheryl NajafiAs Creative Catalyst and CEO of CherylStyle, Cheryl Najafi offers a fresh approach to entertaining that empowers hosts to welcome people into their homes without fret or fuss. Her celebrations are renowned for being personal, playful and unpredictable, using the interests of her guests as guiding themes.

A rural Missouri native, Cheryl moved to Arizona where she earned her master’s degree in Communication from Arizona State University. This training contributed to her ability to share her personal “lifestyle lens” with others. Forever offering original twists on themes, invitations, room décor, table design and place settings, Cheryl believes little tips inspire hosts to infuse their own style, humor and whimsy into any occasion.

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