The Patriotic Duty to Find Clean Renewable Energy


The search for clean, renewable sources of energy has become an increasingly important topic among politicians and Americans, as we face the realities of dependence on foreign oil. As Middle Eastern countries fall to political crisis, our energy and oil prices continue to rise, sparking President Obama to demand that Americans seek clean, and renewable energy. Energy and oil shortages have been widely discussed, with threats of rolling blackouts and other catastrophe if we do not begin seeking a solution. The single best way to preclude your family from the imminent crisis is to install an Edison solar power system.

In a speech given in late March, The President cited the need for clean, renewable energy, saying that Americans can no longer “hit the snooze button” on the realities that we face both with climate change and the impending doom of oil and energy hitting all-time highs. Recognizing that it is a matter of national concern, The President has called for and enacted a myriad of significant incentives at both the federal and state level for families who choose to install Edison solar power systems in their homes. Among the incentives offered are a 30 percent rebate from the IRS, as well as the opportunity to increase the value of your home without increasing your house taxes, a valuable tool in today’s real estate market.

By choosing to install Verengo solar panels, your Verengo representative will guide you through the process of applying for federal incentives, guaranteeing that your family benefits from its solar system at the lowest possible price. Verengo offers several discounts and incentives of their own, varying from month to month, but have included such specials, rebates, and incentives as flexible payment plans, $0 down, rebates for referring friends and neighbors to Verengo, and $1000 off of your installation.

Whether or not you have placed “going green” as a priority in the past, it is quickly becoming a necessity in a society that faces an uncertain future with energy, precluding you from the inconveniences of rolling blackouts, among the other possible crises. “Going green” is now seen not only as an act of environmental activism, but one of patriotic duty, securing a successful future for America. Choosing to install a residential solar power system in your home is the strongest action you can take for the comfort, success, and future of yourself, your family, your community, and your nation.

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