The American Eagle Gold Coin is Worth the Investment

The American Eagle gold coin is one investment you should be considering. There are 2 forms of this coin-the proof and the bullion. The former is used for collecting, whereas the latter is used for investing.

Gold - Gold Bullion Bars - Buy Gold Bar - Buying Gold BarsWhy is the bullion such a good investment? The reason is simple-there isn’t much of this precious metal in the world. The rarity means that it is always in high demand. The production for the American Eagle coin started in 1986. It is characterized by the picture of Lady Liberty on the front, and the American Eagle on the back.

Why is the bullion American Eagle coin such a good investment? There are a couple reasons. One is that the purity is backed by the American government, and it is recognized by dealers around the world.

The other is simply that gold is rare. Because of the constant shortage, it is always in high demand. The US government can’t just print more gold, after all. The single ounce coin comes with a face value of $50, but the actual value is determined by the spot cost of gold. Right now that is $1451.82, and this number goes up all the time.

What materials does the American Eagle gold coin use? It is made using 22 karat gold, although a tiny portion of it is composed of other precious metals as well. This is to make it stronger. There are four different size choices you can buy it in-the 1/10 oz, .25 oz, .5 oz, and 1 oz. The price is obviously based on how much it weighs, and therefore the 1/10 oz is the cheapest.

Where can you buy it? The bullion is sold through dealers, and also through online sources. These coins are highly liquid, and therefore you don’t have to worry about not being able to sell it once you’ve bought. If you are having a hard time finding a dealer near you, then use the American Mint’s online tool. Here you just input the state you live, and it will bring up the dealers located in your area.

Also, you can buy on eBay and other internet auction sites. You might save money doing this, and you definitely want to check these sites before going to a dealer. The bottom line is, the American Eagle gold coin is definitely worth the investment, and is far superior to just sticking your money in a savings account (and often times than investing in stock). Because of the different sizes, you should be able to find one size that fits your budget.


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