Taking Great Care of Your Invert Mini Paintball Gun

Taking Great Care of Your Invert Mini Paintball Gun

Most paintball players, whether they have been playing for years or they are brand new to the hobby, like to watch for new and better pieces of gear that they can add to their arsenal. Being the best on the field isn't easy, but keeping abreast of the best gear and knowing which markers are going to give you an advantage on the field is always a good idea.

A very popular gun that more and more paintball enthusiasts are talking about is the Invert Mini. Everything about the gun screams high quality, from the sleek modern design to the simplicity of use. Maintaining the marker is also very simple, which should be a boon for new and experienced players alike. For the most part, as long as you keep the barrel clean and free of paint, it should continue to work like a charm.

The cleaning and maintenance of the Invert Mini is quite simple. The barrel of the gun unscrews easily. You can check the barrel to make sure that there is no paint inside of it. A trick to seeing through the barrel is to look through one end while holding a piece of white paper a few inches away from the barrel on the other end. The reflection of light off the white paper can help to illuminate the inside of the barrel and show you if there is any paint stuck on the inside.

To clean the barrel – something that you should do after every game – you can rinse it in hot water. Use your squeegee to clean the barrel thoroughly. Oil your o-rings to make sure that they don't dry out and crack. Replace them if needed. Clean the bolt as well to make sure that there is no paint stuck on it. As long as you make sure that you clean your Invert Mini after each of your games, you will find that it has a very long life and will serve admirably as your go-to paintball marker.

While it is quite easy to make sure that the gun stays in good shape, it doesn't mean that it is a simple gun. There are a number of options that you can employ with the gun, such as changing the firing mode. Upgrades are available as well. This type of gun is perfect for someone who is outgrowing their first marker and who wants to have something new to bring with them to the field.

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