Stopping Medical Disasters and Applying Effective Treatment All Starts With Good Supplies

Though we do live in an age of wondrous medical achievements and advancements, the truth of the matter is that the effectiveness of the medical delivery system is only as effective and miraculous as the medical supplies that are on hand and ready to go. This means that, from your home’s medicine cabinet and first aid kit to the stock of supplies in the ambulance, to your hospital, clinic and doctor’s office, the success and failure of any medical procedure depends entirely upon the supplies that are available.

Moreover, this is true from band-aids to major heart surgery. A well-stocked medical supply room can mean life or death for people, even in this age of incredible medical advancements.

Here are three ways to help ensure that your medical supplies are fully stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Because, when a medical emergency strikes, you will not have time to go check the stock and resupply. 


These are the mainstays of any home medical supply kit, because a roll of bandages is the most often used thing in any first aid situation. A roll of bandages can be used for a variety of different injuries, everything from scrapes, cuts, lesions and other open wounds to fractures, breaks, strains and pulls. Bandages are extremely versatile tools and it is always a good idea to keep more of it on hand than you think you might need, because they really can be used in most medical aid situations.

Antiseptics and Disinfectants 

In addition, you will need to have on hand at least some form of antiseptic to sterilize wounds and medical supplies prior to rendering treatment. When injured, especially with an open wound, most people are highly susceptible to a variety of different infections which can quickly turn a mild medical problem into a very desperate and life threatening one. Always make sure to keep plenty of antiseptic agents and disinfectants handy. Iodine is always a good thing to include as well.

Compression Agents

In addition, you will want some form of self-applying compression agent in case of serious injury or trauma, to prevent blood loss and the onset of shock on the part of the injured. There are a number of self-compressing bandages and wraps on the market that can be used to stop blood loss, set fractures and a number of other things.

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