Solutions to Backup VMware

The need to backup VMware is made more complex by scalability issues and, sometimes, by the need to use legacy devices. Some networks have numerous different servers to backup and making sure that this process can be done very quickly is imperative. There are various ways that people store this data, and sometimes that means tape drives and other media devices come into play. Making sure that communication between the backup system and the device is flawless is necessary to ensure that the backups are accurate and that they are readable quickly enough to provide for fast recoveries.

Performing a VMware backup on a legacy device can get complex. Many of the popular backup software packages on the market don’t support these devices and a complex series of modifications have to be made to get them to work correctly. There are products, however, that allow VMware networks to be backed upon tape drives and that still allow for one-touch restorations. The better versions of these programs also support more than the Windows file structure, allowing file-by-file restorations to be done when needed. These products make life a lot easier for system administrators and keep a company running smoothly.

Solutions to backup VMware online have to be scalable. This means that very large networks should not be trying to perform backups using the same amount of resources allocated for smaller networks. This concern is addressed by the number of backup streams that each network is allocated. Some products only allow 2 or 3 concurrent streams, no matter how much data is being put through those streams. The better backup solutions on the market allow numerous concurrent streams. This reduces the amount of bandwidth needed for the backup and ensures that it can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The products on the market designed to help backup VMware are not all designed with the same attention to the needs of administrators. While two backup streams may be enough to backup a small network, eventually, most administrators appreciate speed as much as they appreciate accuracy and compatibility. Using products that allow your system to be backed up quickly over the network, and allow them to be backed up to legacy devices, as well, is one of the best ways to increase network security. With good backup procedures and tools, a network can be kept very secure and efficient.

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