Rhinoplasty is an option for people who are unhappy, for one reason or another, with the shape and appearance of their nose and wish for it to be altered. There are many Phoenix plastic surgeons that are well qualified to be able to provide expert Phoenix Rhinoplasty procedures to their patients.

Rhinoplasty surgery in the twenty first century uses advanced techniques in order to provide an individual approach to each and every patient. There is no “one size fits all” nose, and the desired appearance of a new nose requires careful consultation. The shape and size of the nose need to be correctly balanced with the surrounding facial features, and this is possible today because of both advanced surgical techniques and the magic of computer imaging.

The great majority of plastic surgeons today know that that simply looking at the nose when someone is contemplating undergoing a Rhinoplasty procedure is simply unacceptable. The face has to be approached as a whole to make sure that the problem the patient is trying to solve with the procedure has been correctly defined and identified. The nose has to be assessed extremely carefully in comparison to the face as a whole, and indeed to the body as well.

Photos of noses can be shown to surgeons by patients as an indication as to the kind of nose which is desired, although it is not possible to actually completely copy another nose. This is where computer imaging comes in, as it can demonstrate to the patient exactly what is possible and what can be realistically achieved with Rhinoplasty surgery.

Rhinoplasty is generally regarded as being one of the most difficult procedures in the field of plastic surgery due to the fact that surgeons have to deal with both cartilage and bone in order to try and achieve a result which is both aesthetically pleasing but also still fully functional. Most surgeons will try and perform minimal surgery, with minimal incisions to try and have minimal impact on the nose’s internal lining so that clear airways are maintained in the patient.

Skin type can also have an impact. Because men and women have different kinds of skin, women will often request a smaller, more refined nose which is only achievable with thinner skin. Men on the other hand have thicker skin and tend to want a nose which is both straighter as well as stronger. 

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