Reliable Pain Relief and Biofreeze

Whenever movement is a painful experience, it is essential to find a good method for bringing that situation under control. After all, it is never a good plan to sit around and wait for pain to end, especially if it is due to something like arthritis or a joint injury. These are times when gentle movement is the best treatment, but that may be difficult if it begins with a bit of pain. This is why Biofreeze is such a good solution.

Among the many health products designed to treat pain, Biofreeze is unique because it is a topical pain reliever. This means that you have no worries about stomach upset or interactions with prescription medications. Instead, you can use a Biofreeze patch, spray or gel to directly address the area of pain.

Here’s how it would work: let’s say that you have pulled a muscle in your shoulder while doing a long day of yard work. At the end of the day, you take a nice hot shower to soothe all of those aching muscles, but you realize that the shoulder just won’t give you a moment’s peace due to the pain of the strain.

You would simply rub some of the Biofreeze compound directly in the area of pain. It isn’t a medicine that “sinks” into the skin and enters the bloodstream, but is instead a formula that does something known as “gating”. This means that it becomes a gate or closed portal between some of the pain receptors in the body and the brain. For instance, it would rely on the menthol in the formula to stimulate specific areas of the skin, and this would stop a lot of the pain from actually “making its way” to the receptors in the brain.

Basically, it is a treatment that tones down the level of pain that anyone is experiencing and allows them to move and heal in a much more successful way. Any of the Biofreeze treatments can be used a few times each day, or even during exercise or activity, to keep pain under control and yet allow movement to continue. While many old-fashioned physicians tell you that it has to “hurt to heal”…it doesn’t have to hurt so much that you don’t want to move.

Biofreeze is a safe and effective way of interrupting the traditional cycle of pain and allowing yourself to stay in action even as your injured, sprained, or tender muscles and joints keep right on moving.



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