Purchasing Diabetes Supplies

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has already affected 17 million people in the USA. It is a chronic disease that cannot be cured but can be effectively managed. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes recently? Well, you will need to order your monthly diabetes supplies for effectively managing your blood glucose levels.

Blood glucometers, lancets, and testing strips

In general, most people to refer diabetes supplies as equipment used to monitor one’s blood glucose levels on regular basis. Today, with advancements in medical technology, many reputed companies have introduced blood glucometers in the market. A blood glucometer is relatively cheap and is also quite user-friendly. The expensive element is the blood glucose testing strips. These are thin strips that are inserted into the blood glucometers. They suck a drop of blood to measure a patient’s blood glucose level. The display of the glucometer will then exhibit the blood glucose reading.

Blood glucose testing supplies are among the expensive health resources. But, they are necessary for monitoring blood glucose levels. Materials required for manufacturing these products are not that expensive, but the process stages of research, development, and testing involved in the manufacture of these products increase their costs. Always buy test strips that are compatible with your glucometer device. Also, perform control test while using test strips from a new box. This will ensure that you get an accurate reading of your blood sugar level.

Diabetic shoes and socks

Diabetic supplies also include diabetic shoes and socks. If you are a diabetic patient, you need to take special care of your feet. Diabetes causes damage to the nerves of your feet, so you may not feel any sensation in your feet. Some patients may not be able to sense temperature changes in their feet. This is caused due to diabetic neuropathy that leads to infections and sensitivity problems in the feet. The other problem is that diabetes can lead to decreased blood circulation in the feet.

Wearing diabetic socks and shoes can prevent these foot problems. So, every diabetic patient must include diabetic socks and shoes in their diabetic supplies. A diabetic sock is made of natural materials, with minimum constriction in the area around the ankles. These socks are usually seamless. Diabetic socks are also provided with extra padding for cushioning the feet.

Among the other health resources, diabetic shoes find special mention. These are also manufactured from soft breathable material. The wiggle room is expansive around the toes, allowing room for swollen feet. The toes of diabetic patients normally become swollen as the day advances.




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