Paid Search Bid Management

This is one of most popular and effective online marketing available. It is also one of the most complex and misunderstood, especially the symbiotic nature of paid and organic search. There are thousands and thousands of companies that will bid for your company and keep you in the top five searches at a cost to you. What it is worth to you to be constantly the first or second company listed when a potential customer is seeking what you are offering? There will be a cost to you for every click into your website and only a portion of the clicks will turn into a customer and remember your competition also can click into your website and that will not result into a customer.

Can you do this yourself? Yes, but it takes time and knowledge to learn the search words, how to bid, what is the fair pricing and which search engine is your best for your business. The search marketers must stay ahead of the real-time bid markets and setting up search accounts can be more difficult than you would think. Also it is a labor intensive task and when you are trying to grow your business can you afford the dedication it requires? You need to use these paid searches as a compliment to your direct contact with potential customers because there is nothing that works as fast as the personal contact relationships you develop.

After you have set up your account and picked your keywords you will need to decide which Search Engine to use. Search Engines like, and are the best known but there are many others that people use on a daily basis. There is no way to guess where our next customer is coming from so keep an open mind when choosing a Search Engine.

Generally you only pay per click into your website and the contracts are either for a certain amount of clicks per month or a maximum dollar amount per month. You can expect popular keywords will be more expensive than the ones that are not used so much. Example: Attorney or Lawyer will cost more than Dog Training. Silverback Marketing is a well known search marketing firm in the Internet marketing industry, and can provide professional paid search bid management services for your company.

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