Maintaining VMware Installations

Companies large and small are discovering the advantages of using VMware networks. The fact that entire server machines can be created virtually can save enormous sums of money. This software is efficient enough that it can run several servers on the same machine, making it possible to vastly increase the capacity of a corporate network quickly, efficiently and effectively. There are utilities and other products that make this software even more useful. You can find some of this software distributed freely by the companies that make paid utilities for this innovative virtual server system.

VMware can easily expand a network far beyond what would be possible using a traditional server OS installation. Every time that the network is expanded, however, there is an accompanying increase in risk because of the amount of data that is stored on each individual server. The servers themselves quickly become valuable assets for the company, which means that there is also a potential loss of time and money if the server configurations are lost and need to be restored. While backup programs provide most of the security that mitigates these issues, there are other utilities that are also helpful.

Some of the companies that distribute software used to backup VMware also offer free utilities that are useful additions to networks. Among them are automatic patching utilities that allow the network administrators to largely automate the process of keeping the networks properly updated. While this is an area where the network technicians are usually the only ones even aware of the need, a network that is not kept up to date in terms of security and bug fixes does not have the stability of one that is. It’s imperative that these patches are applied on time and having this process automated is a huge benefit.

There are also utilities for VMware that allow a new virtual server to be configured and deployed very quickly. These utilities make use of GUIs that allow techs to set up a server in a few minutes. The server configuration can be replicated if needed. This makes it very easy to perform common tasks, such as setting up web servers, in a very short amount of time. It also allows the IT department to standardize certain configurations, which makes it much easier to ensure that security and other policies are replicated across the network as accurately and consistently as possible.

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