Magic Bullet Suppository and a Good Bowel Management Program

For most people, the idea of a bowel management program is absurd. For those with a spinal cord injury or similar debilitating problems, it’s just a way of life. What is a bowel management program, and what do medical supplies have to do with it?

A bowel management program is basically a program with set ways to care for the bowels. Those without bowel control can often avoid bags and other extreme measures simply by emptying their bowels at convenient times each day. Once they’re empty, there’s no need to worry about future problems in the next few hours.

While the Magic Bullet Suppository is necessary to the bowel management plans of many, a good plan for bowel management is actually built on a good diet. Unless you’re eating right, your body simply isn’t going to produce what it needs in order to have good bowel movements. Your diet should include plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains. You may also need to use a fiber supplement to bulk up the stool a bit.

The next major foundation of a good bowel management program is a schedule. It’s vital that you put your body on a clock. This is how it will tend to work naturally; however, it will function even more efficiently if you use your plan on a schedule each day. You don’t have to use a Magic Bullet Suppository each day. Some people only use one every two or three days. However, using it on schedule is important.

Also, you’ll need to drink plenty of water for your bowl management plan to work in the first place. In order to create bowel movements, your body need to be plenty hydrated. You should focus on getting between eight and twelve glasses of water each and every day if you’re having bowel troubles.

One of the best things you can do when on a bowel management plan is to keep track of your bowel movements in a small journal. This might seem a little dramatic, but it can be helpful. You don’t need to record in depth detail. A brief description of bowel movements and things like how long it took your Magic Bullet Suppository to work will help you in making decisions for the future. Such a log can help you see what works and doesn’t work for your body at different times.


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