Investing in Palladium Coins

Palladium is a precious metal in the same family as platinum.  Palladium is quite often used as a less expensive substitute for platinum in the manufacturing of many products.  One of the most important industrial uses for palladium is in the making of catalytic converters in the automotive industry.  It is also used in making jewelry.  It is often alloyed with gold to produce white gold, a popular and durable metal that is highly desirable in rings, necklaces, and other forms of jewelry.  It is used in making surgical instruments because it has antibacterial properties.  One of the best ways to invest in precious metals is with palladium coins.

One of the most popular of the palladium coins is the Maple Leaf.  The Maple Leaf was first minted in 2005 by the Royal Canadian Mint.  As soon as it was released it quickly became a favorite among both collectors and investors.  The coins are very beautiful.  They feature the maple leaf, a national symbol of Canada.  The other side of the coin depicts Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.  The portrait comes from a design by artist Susanna Blunt. 

Each of the Maple Leaf palladium coins contains one troy ounce of .995 pure palladium.  The coin has a face value of 50 Canadian dollars and can never go below that value.  The coins are backed by the Canadian government and are real legal tender.  The actual value of the coin depends on the current price of palladium on the global commodities market. 

The price of palladium continues to keep rising.  While the daily price fluctuates, the trend has been upward.  Before purchasing precious metals, check the current price as well as the market trends over the past six months to a year.  This will help you determine the best time to make your investment purchase.  With the demand high and the supply low, palladium is considered a very stable investment.  Much of the world’s supply of palladium is mined in Russia. 

Maple Leaf palladium coins are a very affordable way to get started in collecting and investing in precious metals.  Collecting coins is easy because you can keep them and store them easily in your home.  These coins are beautiful and valuable as well as historically important.  The coins are sold in units of ten coins.  Investing in palladium is a good way to begin a new investment or add to a current investment. 

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