How to Choose a Paintball Jersey

When we think of a paintball jersey looking sharp in combat instantly comes to mind. Of course, you want to look cool in battle. After all, you have a reputation to nurture. Yet, choosing the right jersey will also keep you comfortable, and allow you the flexibility that paintball demands.

There are many types and styles of jerseys to choose from. As mentioned, looking cool in warfare is indeed important. However, you must also change your thinking, because your paintball jersey is an important piece of paintball gear. You need to make sure your jersey is loose enough to sustain the rigors of the battle.

For example, should you opt to wear an adult medium tee shirt, most people would wear a medium jersey over it. This would seem to be the conventional wisdom. However, once in combat you would quickly determine the jersey you have selected is not nearly as loose-fitting as it should be. The solution is to increment your jersey up one size. Instead of a medium you will be better served with a large. Doing so will have more paintballs bouncing off you, and you will have less bruising on your body.

As with most things in life budget can be a factor in what we buy. The price of jerseys can vary considerably. Naturally, a more expensive paintball jersey will be of higher quality. You can expect more pad protection then less expensive clothing. Most jerseys come standard with some form of chest, shoulder, and elbow protection. Further, you can expect the better quality jerseys to offer better ventilation to keep your body from overheating.

Sometimes overlooked, but needed is a jersey that offers waterproofing. Not all jerseys have this feature. It is a good idea to have a few in your gear bag, because paintball is played in all conditions. Some jerseys even have a special fiber on the cuffs to instantaneously remove paintball splatter from your goggles, and therefore keeping you aware of your surroundings at all times. Moreover, many jerseys are made of stretch material. This type of paintball jersey gives you the ultimate in flexibility.

In summary, the jersey you wear in battle is your personal statement. Equally important, is to wear a jersey that offers ample ventilation, protection, and flexibility. It is a good idea to wear a jersey that is one size larger than your tee shirt size. You should buy the best quality jersey you can afford. Doing so will keep you in the game longer, and help you achieve the victory you crave.

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