How to Buy the Best Paintball Gear

Knowing how to acquire the best paintball gear is not hard once you know where to look. Beginner paint ball enthusiasts look to the veterans to point them in the right direction for only the best gear. Of course, affordability is part of the buying equation too.

A good place for the novice to begin is with a start up kit. These special bundles contain everything the beginner needs to instantly get into the game. Start up kits cost less than buying the gear separately. Typically a kit comes with the gun, plenty of ammo, and a high-pressured air system. Some kits contain more, but are a bit more expensive.

A reliable and knowledgeable paintball supplier is essential to gain the tactical advantage in paint ball war games. Your trusted merchant will carry all the major paint ball weapons, like Smith & Wesson, AirSoft, and Colt. Naturally, you should only buy brand names. Doing so ensures the quality of the gun and accessories.

A trusted paint ball seller will only sell legal weapons. All paint ball guns must have an orange tipped muzzle. This is mandated by federal law. Stay away from any weapon that fails to comply. Keep in mind that you, the buyer are responsible for adhering to all federal, state, and local laws regarding all of your paint ball activities.

Safety is the concern of everyone who is involved in the sport. Before you head into combat be sure you have goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, chest protection, and durable pants that are flexible and comfortable. It is also advisable that you wear neck protection and a good pair of slide shorts for extra safety. Heeding this advice will keep you injury free and in the game you love. Your paintball merchant will supply you with everything you need.

When discussing paint ball safety it is imperative that you equip yourself with the proper shoes. Only cleats that are specifically made for paintball should be used. They are designed to provide maximum traction, yet give you the ability to instantly change directions in the heat of battle. Further, paint ball cleats provide the needed traction when crawling.

On the whole, paint ball is a fun and exciting sport. However, only participate if you are equipped with all the needed safety equipment, like goggles, knee protectors, and chest protection. In addition, it is important that your paint ball gun have the required orange tipped muzzle. This is a mandated by federal law. It is your responsibility to adhere to all federal, state, and local laws. Have fun, but do so in a safe manner.

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