Getting Relief for Back Pain with Biofreeze

According to many studies featured in some of the world’s top health news magazines, one of the leading causes of missed work in the United States is from back pain due to illness and injury. The back is a strong, yet delicate part of the human body that, once injured, can take many months to heal depending on the type of injury that was sustained. One of the most common back injuries is a ruptured vertebrae disc. These injuries can put someone out of commission for a very long time and often require some type of surgery and physical therapy. Most back injuries are the result of straining the muscles due to using improper lifting techniques. One of the most effective ways of dealing with this type of pain is to use a cold therapy treatment like Biofreeze.

Most muscle strains in the back region are the result of stretching the muscles too far and tearing muscle fibers. The results of such an injury are usually a severe limiting of mobility and severe pain. The pain from such an injury can be so severe it can even make breathing difficult. Your back muscles are the easiest muscles to strain and tear, as they are the ones responsible for supporting much of your body weight.

Your back muscles, much like your abdominal muscles, are the ones that are used in almost every type of moving action, which is why so many individuals who do manual labor end up with back injuries. If you are suffering from muscle stiffness and pain due to a strain and want some quick relief, apply a small amount of Biofreeze gel to the area where you are experiencing pain and have someone gently massage it into your skin.

There are many different ways you can tell whether or not you have sustained an injury in your back. If you are having pain that is moving from your lower back to the top of your buttocks, there is a good chance this is the result of some type of strain or sprain. Intense spasms in the back are also signs of a muscle strain. This type of pain can cause you to miss work if left untreated. If you are feeling sore and stiff before work, using Biofreeze can help decrease the inflammation in the area and enable you to get some of your mobility back to make working tolerable. Biofreeze decreases the blood flow to the injured area, which is why it provides such fast acting relief.

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