Dixon Golf Desert Junior Golf Tour Becomes First Tour in the United States to be Carbon Neutral

TEMPE, AZ August 12, 2010— Dixon Golf, sponsor of the Dixon Golf Desert Junior Tour, announced today that the DJT will be the nation’s first eco-friendly, carbon neutral tour. The Desert Junior Tour has created a strategic partnership with locally-owned 4 Green Golf and EcoAid to provide the services necessary to complete this goal.

“It’s exciting to work with partners who share a common vision on how eco-friendly makes a difference,” said Dixon Golf CEO William Carey. “Dixon Golf tries to be authentic in everything we do. Since coming on board with the Desert Junior Tour, we have made it our mission to make it the first eco-friendly, carbon neutral junior tour in the United States.”

4 Green Golf and EcoAid will help make the Tour eco-friendly by recycling waste and providing carbon offsets. For the Dixon Golf Desert Junior Tour, EcoAid will supply carbon offsets to balance all carbon emissions from the operation of the tour to make it the first junior golf tour in the United States to be carbon neutral. The carbon offsets support certified clear air projects such as reforestation and wind farms. High-performance golf balls made from 100% recyclable material and biodegradable tees will also help reduce the carbon footprint of the Tour.

“As this green movement continues to evolve and grow, our younger generation has a responsibility and an opportunity to drive the concept of sustainability and truly steer it in the right direction,” said Dr. Ken Pollock, CEO of EcoAid. “These Desert Junior golfers will see eco-friendly and carbon neutral in action.”

The Tour caters to junior golfers ages 10-19 who are looking to gain exposure for college scholarships and earn AJGA exemptions. Those exemptions help the players qualify for larger national tournaments, increasing their visibility. The DJT teaches junior golfers the importance of golf etiquette, sportsmanship and charity while sharpening junior’s golf skills.

The first event is September 18, 2010 at Longbow Golf Club. For more information on the tour, please visit www.desertjrtour.com.

About Dixon Golf

Dixon Golf, a Tempe, AZ based company, is the world’s only manufacturer of a high performance, eco-friendly family of golf balls. Borne from a desire to limit its impact on the environment, Dixon also offers a golf ball recycling program through its retail locations that gives golfers credit for returning their old golf balls. Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled material. From core to cover, from packaging to production, Dixon Golf is setting a new standard in environmental consciousness. Dixon Earth golf balls are distributed internationally and conform to USGA standards, with a PGA Tour Partner's 92% approval rating. For more information about Dixon Golf, please visit www.dixongolf.com. Dixon Golf – play the future.

About 4 Green Golf

4 Green Golf LLC is based in Phoenix Arizona, and is the only Eco-Friendly golf tournament planning and consulting service on the West Coast. Their mission is to help corporations, non-profits or private individuals run a charity, marketing or customer appreciation golf tournament utilizing “earth friendly” products, practices and services. We want to make the event fun, profitable and ecologically responsible. For more information please visit our website – www.4greengolf.com

About EcoAid

EcoAid is Arizona’s first full-service, carbon consulting and management company that specializes in: measuring and tracking carbon emissions; developing sustainability plans that positively impact the bottom line; educating on carbon-related issues through online and in-person training; and carbon offsetting for a myriad of purposes.

From environmental scientists to restaurateurs, PhD's to student activists, EcoAid’s diverse expertise in the climate change and carbon market field has elicited a wide range of consulting opportunities with companies such as BarS Foods, Fusion Formulations, the PGA and AMC Entertainment.

Headquartered in Phoenix and founded by individuals with varied backgrounds sharing a common purpose to remain steadfast in improving the environment, EcoAid’s mission is to manage greenhouse gas emissions in a methodical and sustainable manner. For more information on carbon management and carbon reduction strategies visit www.ecoaidnow.com.

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