Discover the History of Apache Junction

Whenever you look up Apache Junction, you’re probably going to find plenty to read on the scenic views offered all around. The Apache Junction also has a rich history just waiting to be discovered by those ready to do a little bit of digging.

Probably the most famous natural attraction near Apache Junction can be seen right in the background – the Superstition Mountain. These mountains were so named for a variety of reason, and play a significant role in the legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. According to the legend, a German immigrant discovered a mother lode in the Superstition Wilderness. He refused to tell its whereabouts to anyone until, on his death bed, he revealed its location to a woman that had taken care of him for years. Several people have claimed that they found this legendary mother lode, but so far none of these claims have been verified. Another reason that the Superstition Mountains have their name is because some Apaches believe that the hole leading down into the lower world is located somewhere in them. Those that are interested in learning more about these monumental mountains can visit the Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchmen Museum in Apache Junction. Not only does the museum give you more stories surrounding the mountains, but it also houses military exhibits as well as Native American exhibits.

If you’re interested in delving a bit further into the history of the area, you can also visit the Goldfield Ghost Town in Apache Junction. Back in the late nineteenth century, the town experienced a boom in population thanks to discoveries of gold nearby. At its peak, it boasted a population of roughly four thousand people. Eventually the vein faulted and the grade of ore dropped, resulting in the eventual death of the town. This town is an excellent spot to visit with the entire family. You can pan for gold just like they did in the past, and watch an old west gun fight performed by the Goldfield Gunslingers. There is plenty of lodging in Apache Junction, so after enjoying a long day in the old west, you can relax and return to modern comforts.

And to think, these are only two of the many tourist attractions located near Apache Junction. Give your kids a break from boring text book lessons, and let them not only learn about the Apache Junction history, but get to experience it as well.

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