Difference Between Baby Diapers And Adult Diapers

Difference Between Baby Diapers And Adult Diapers

When most people mention diapers, a lot of people think of the baby diapers, not the adult diapers. Despite the two types of diapers being designed for similar purposes, there is a significant difference between the baby diapers and the adult diapers. This was not always the case though. It used to be that the adult diapers were simply larger versions of the baby diaper. This left most people feeling as though they were bulky under their clothing and left them feeling unhappy.

No adult wants to deal with incontinence. This is a fact of life for many older adults though. This is especially true for women who have multiple children over the years and lack the strength in the pelvic floor to control their bladder. This does not relegate the individual to the state of being a baby though, and the individual’s respect and dignity must be maintained in order for the individual to feel comfortable enough to carry through with their daily activities.

For many of those who have to deal with incontinence, the idea of wearing a diaper was one that they would much rather avoid. This is because the diaper was bulky and uncomfortable. The latest medical news is that there are now new and improved adult diapers that are designed for the adult body and are made specifically for men or women. These new diapers are smaller, less bulky and lack the elastic bands that had previously pinched the individual. These adult diapers have been completely redesigned for the comfort of the individual in mind.

The adult diapers are contoured for the adult individual. They lack the elastic that is present in baby diapers. This is because the adult is less likely to be as active as the baby and therefore would not need something that would cling to the body as much. The adult diaper also features uniquely shaped absorption areas. These areas are contoured for the adult body, rather than a simple strip of absorbent material like the baby diaper features. This helps to capture and redirect the urine away from the body and into the diaper.

Adult diapers are also quieter when being put on or taken off than the baby diaper. These diapers can be put on and off simply by pulling them on much like a pair of underwear. Some of these diapers may feature small tapes that can be used to attach the diaper together, causing a more comfortable fit.

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