CS55 - Plantronics CS55 – piece #1

Plantronics has been one of the leaders in creating phone devices that make the lives of the people using them much easier, allowing those individuals to be more productive with their time while on a phone call. This is the case with the Plantronics CS55 wireless headset, a device created for use with desk phones that enables anyone to enjoy a quality phone experience with the freedom to roam about the room where the CS55 is located.

The Plantronics CS55 shares many of the qualities of the award-winning Plantronics CS50 headset. Now any desk phone can be transformed into a hands-free phone experience by utilizing the CS55 to make and receive phone calls. This is perfect for an individual using the Plantronics CS55 at the office. Using a CS55 allows an individual to have both hands free to type information being received through the headset on to a computer, write down important notes, make copies of important paperwork while on the call, deliver paperwork to a co-worker and discreetly relay information to a fellow employee or boss while still conversing with the individual on the other line.

This is possible because the Plantronics CS55 possesses outstanding technology that is synonymous with the Plantronics name. Users have ten hours of talk time with the CS55 and an incredible fifty hours of standby time. It takes a mere three hours to fully recharge the Plantronics CS55 and only ninety minutes to recharge the device to 80% capacity.

Users will marvel at how crystal clear a call will sound when using the CS55. The enhanced 1.9 GHz DECT frequency and noise cancelling microphone allows people to roam sometimes as much as 300 feet away from the desk phone. The headset only weighs 26 grams, making it a snap to wear the Plantronics CS55 for an entire work shift.

Invest in the CS55 today to begin experiencing fantastic, hands-free phone technology from Cellular Accessories for Less!


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