Constructability Review for Problem Solving

There is a lot that can go wrong when you are planning a construction project, and you want to make sure that you catch as many potential errors before they become a problem as possible. That means that anything that your engineers or architects have missed or marked incorrectly must be found somehow. Did you know that more than half of the change orders issued during constructions can be marked down to errors and omissions by your engineers and architects? A pre-construction constructability review can take care of those errors and ensure that your construction project goes smoothly and without too much added expenses.

A simple constructability review can do so much to make things more cost-effective during the construction process. You can find many professional companies that will provide you with a constructability review that will check your construction plans for code compliance and other construction issues. You may want to make sure that the company you hire uses a reliable program, like RemedyCheck. You will also want to make sure that the company you hire has experienced and top tier professionals working for them, so that your plans are checked and double-checked by professionals who really know their stuff.

The RemedyCheck system is proven to be an excellent program for constructability review. You can get a reliable and accurate constructability review through the use of this program and skilled professional staff. You can trust PC Associates to give you the kind of services that you really need when checking pre-construction documents. The first step in PC Associates’ process is a preview that is conducted during the development phase of your project. About halfway through the development of your construction documents, an overview will evaluate your constructability issues and also begin code compliance checks. Finally, at the end of your development phase, a review of all the documents will be conducted, crosschecking all the documents and giving a final review to all the stages.

The goal of this process is to eliminate errors and omissions from your construction documents, which will make things less expensive as you begin the building phase of your project. While PC Associates is located within Orange County, California, the Internet allows them to work with clients the world over. You will be able to prepare for construction with the help of their experts, relying on the fabulous RemedyCheck system. PC Associates is full service, offering constructability reviews, code compliance, and many other pre-construction reviews.

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