Communication and Cover in Paintball

While paintball did not get its beginnings from the military or by those from the military, as paintball has evolved as a tactical game, many techniques are pulled straight from the pages of the military because it still is relevant. The military makes a science out of gun physics, staying out of range of weaponry, skills to protect against bullets at closer ranges, and so on. Paintball is so very similar to military tactics that the military itself uses paint ball equipment to field test tactics and strategy and teach new skills to soldiers.

Basics begin with team communication and cover. Communication is trained in the military in two chunks: why it is necessary to communicate, and the appropriate way to communicate. Every soldier on the field is expected to make immediate decisions for themselves while they are out in combat. Every piece of information is vital to continuing to make the right ones. Freely sharing information amongst various people allows them to update their decision making process on the fly.

Learning how to communicate is just as important. Screaming out details to one another works to a point, but is detrimental as that communication is being received by your enemy as well. Learning a comprehensive sign language is vital to survival in warfare. In a paintball match, it is not so necessary to have an entire language, but a number of crude basic signs for information would be very beneficial—especially if your opponents are not employing similar communications tactics.

Cover is another important idea when playing paintball. The idea of cover is anything that protects you from incoming fire and visual sight. You are in cover if the enemy can neither see you nor have a direct line to fire at you. Shooting from behind cover requires a number of skills to be aware of. First, when behind cover, identify how many different ways you can fire from behind said cover. For example, if you are behind a tree, you can fire from the left side or the right side. You can also drop to a knee and fire from either side but lower. Changing this up will cause wasted shots fired at where you are not.

When in cover, a player must always be aware of the directions from which they are not covered. The tactic for attacking someone in cover is to come at them from another angle so their cover is negated. After each volley of fire, scan around you to ensure no one is sneaking up.


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