Choosing Paintball Equipment


Paintball is a fun and exciting sport that is growing each year.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for awhile, you know that the equipment that you use can be important to your performance in the game.  There are only a handful of things that you’ll need in order to play, but it’s important that you choose wisely so that you can play well.

Of course, the main piece of equipment that you’ll need to start playing the sport is a paintball gun.  There is a large selection of gun styles to choose from and this can make the choice almost dizzying.  To make it easier, consider trying out one or another from a friend or rent a paintball equipment pack before you choose one to purchase for yourself.  You’ll soon find one that feels most comfortable to you.

The paintball gun, also called a pneumatic marker, is the main piece of equipment that you’ll need to get started.  Guns come in many styles and designs.  Many are created to look exactly like real weapons.  The size and weight of the gun is important because it should be comfortable when you carry it around for an extended length of time.  The hopper is the part of the unit that loads the paintball ammunition. 

Paintball guns are designed to shoot out paintballs very quickly.  There are different designs of guns with the most popular being those that are either semi-automatic or fully automatic.  The markers are powered by either a spring or, more popularly, by air tank.  The air is typically either CO2 or N2.  You can get refills at the local paintball arena while you’re playing.

The hopper is the area of the gun where the ammunition is loaded.  There are various styles of hoppers.  The unit attaches to the marker to allow for fast and easy loading of balls to the chamber.  When the trigger is pulled, the air is released to push out the ball at a high rate of speed. 

In addition to the gun, you’ll also need to have protective gear.  The most important is the facemask.  Choose a mask that is designed specifically for paintball.  Simply wearing goggles isn’t’ enough protection for the face.  When playing, you’ll also want to dress appropriately.  Be sure to wear thick clothing that will protect your body and limbs from harm when the balls hit.  You can also choose special protective clothing. 

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