Certified Coins Augment Value of Coin Collections

Professional coin collectors often opt to have their coins certified by a top tier grading service, such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). For coins that are believed to be of high value, certification can add authenticity verification that increase a coin’s worth even further.

With the countless number of fraudulent coins being sold around the world, most serious coin collectors will not purchase coins unless they have been certified or bought through reputable coin dealers. When coins are graded and encapsulated by professional grading services, their authenticity and physical condition are guaranteed.

With today’s technology, it is easier to produce coins that appear to be genuine. For instance, it has been reported that there are at least a million counterfeit coins made in China that have already been sold to unsuspecting consumers. These unfortunate buyers have made an investment worth absolutely nothing, since counterfeit coins are illegal to re-sell.

As most professional coin collectors are aware of such fraudulent coins, certified coins are often sought out for their value and their authenticity. In addition, coins that have been certified are easier to sell for the exact same reasons. When it comes time to profit from a coin collection, the sale will benefit from the certification process.

Not surprisingly, the physical condition of a coin can greatly change its value. When coins are certified, they are also placed within a durable capsule that will save them from much wear and tear. This way, certified coins can be carefully handled and observed without exposing them to damaging elements.

If you plan on having your coins graded by a professional coin certification company, be sure to use only the most well known grading services. This will guarantee that your coins are graded in the most accurate way possible by professional numismatic experts. In addition, when it comes time to sell your coins, professional coin collectors are more likely to purchase certified coins, which have been graded by companies that they recognize, such as PCGS or NGC.

While coin collecting is an enjoyable hobby, it can also be an expensive undertaking. For this reason, many coin collectors avoid a gambling mentality by only dealing in coins that have been certified by professional third-party grading companies. Such grading services have made coin collecting safe allowing coin enthusiasts to buy and sell coins with confidence.

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