Become A Sharpshooter

Another good idea when choosing a place from which to sit and wait for your potential targets in your assumed role as paintball sniper is to pick somewhere where your profile will not be visible when positioned against the horizon, or the sky or tree line. Areas where there is very little light, such as bushes or places covered with trees and leaves, are ideal and if you lay down in the spot, and have appropriately colored clothing which serves to blend in with the natural environment in which you are playing, you can be very effectively camouflaged and extremely difficult to spot by your targets until it is far too late.

Once you have found what seems to be an ideal place to sit and wait to begin your career as paintball sniper, be very sure that you have not already been spotted by a fellow player. If you have been observed, the phrase “sitting duck” could well be used to describe you. You also need to ensure that you are comfortable in your position, as it is entirely within the realms of possibility that you could be in that position for several hours if it is a particularly long paintball game.

If you have been sitting in a lying in a position for around the quarter of the length of the time the whole game is expected to last, and have yet to see or shoot a single player, you may be advised to try to move to a different location, mainly because if no one has moved through that area in that time, they may never do at all, meaning you’d be spending the whole game lying down, vainly waiting for a target that never materializes.

If you finally locate a target, make sure that you do not open fire until you are absolutely certain that you are completely ready to do so. Aim your scope over the target’s body, it being the biggest area of the target and the easiest to hit, and then fire. Do not shoot unless you are absolutely certain of a hit, otherwise you will give away your location and the hunter could end up becoming the hunted. If this happens, unleash a volley of shots in the direction of the target and try to get away to a safe location as fast as possible. If you do fire and miss, but the target is clearly unaware of from where the shot originated, do not risk giving away your position by firing again until you are again certain that you have a clear shot that is likely to succeed.


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