Backup VMware Data with PHD

If your business uses VMware for your virtual computing needs you already know how it increases the productivity of your staff. Many companies are turning to the new VMware esXpress to further enhance their virtual computing. Still, if you are not backing up your VMware platform you need PHD software downloads to protect your valuable virtual data, before it is too late.

PHD is the premier company regarding virtual backup solutions, and is introducing a new esxi backup product to meet the changing and expanding needs of virtual computer users. Many people are not aware that virtual data must be backed up. If your company were to experience a fire, or other disaster no doubt insurance would replace your computers. However, insurance cannot replace lost customer files. You need to backup your virtual data.

Of course there are many virtual environment backup providers online, and they all claim to be the best. Yet, PHD has a reputation of providing superior virtual backup solutions, like their exclusive TrueDedupe technology. TrueDedupe speeds up network flow, and reduces backup storage requirements thru source side duplication backup data and compression. Plus, only need one backup server with PHD, saving your business money. The best virtual backup software downloads are available from PHD.

Your business uses the latest VMware technology. Doesn’t it just make sense to use the very latest esxi backup solution too? For example, PHD offers another robust technology called TrueRestore. When you need to restore a virtual machine the data must be accurate. TrueRestore checks the data and will repair any corrupt files back to its original state without IT intervention. Your IT staff is free to pursue other projects.

Managing the PHD Virtual Backup system is a breeze with their vSphere Client Plug-in. This included technology allows IT or management to control all functions of the system from a single screen. Simple to deploy, easy to use, cost effective, yet powerful is what all of PHD’s software downloads offer your business.

Finally, if a disaster were to destroy your computers insurance would likely cover your loss. However, insurance cannot replace lost customer files. If you are not backing up your VMware virtual machines you really must do so before a calamity strikes. Lost productivity and disgruntled customers can easily be avoided by implementing the powerful esxi backup. Your business deserves the best virtual backup solution. This is why you must choose the PHD Virtual Backup platform.

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