Advantages to Owning Gold Bullion

In every movie written about treasure, there is always a room piled full of gold as high as the eye can see. When Hernando Cortez made his voyage to the Americas, he searched far and wide for El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold, where the streets are paved with bricks of gold. Featuring gold as a sign of prestige is no coincidence; it is because the value of gold bullion has been known and understood for centuries in many cultures around the world. Unlike currencies, which vary from country to country based on the era, and whose value is only recognized within that country, gold bricks are recognized internationally and have been since six thousand years ago. Gold is a universal language of value and prestige valued across the world for its many properties and its rarity.

So, if gold bullion is so highly valued already, why would it be an advantage to add it to your portfolio? Bullion bricks are among the most liquid of all possible assets, and gold bullion, unlike so many other materials, does not wear out easily when exchanged, nor does it require much shaping and processing since the bricks are between .995 and .9999 (four nines) pure gold. Bricks are easily stored in a home or office vault or in a bank account, and they can be easily moved to different locations. Owning gold helps one to provide a bit of security in this time of economic instability, as well as to privately preserve wealth.

Since so many, vastly different industries use gold, its value never drops as that of a stock would; this is extremely important with stock prices plummeting so frequently in the volatile, risky market of today. Gold is used in making coins of certain types of currency, in electronics and computers, dentistry, medicine, spacecrafts, jewelry, and awards as well as in many other fields. This wide usage pushes gold prices up a considerable amount very easily; for instance, when demand for electronics containing gold goes up, so does the demand for gold itself.

Gold is used only when other, cheapter materials are unavailable, which means that the uses for gold expand as technology grows, but it never shrinks. Since there is a limited supply, prices keep rising more and more, making gold bullion a perfect investment for anyone, no matter the size or diversity of his or her existing portfolio.


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