Access Management to Eliminate Admin Rights

Access Management to Eliminate Admin Rights

Everyone knows that the key to keeping your computer networks safe is to eliminate admin rights in any place where you can, and minimize the other rights of your users to ensure that they do not inadvertently expose a security hole in your system through their activities. You have tried all kinds of ways to make this happen, and reached close to success, but have you gotten there?

One of the more effective ways to eliminate admin rights is to virtualize your working environment. Virtual environment access management is much easier than doing the same thing in a real environment, due to the difficulty of managing user privileges from within a system. The control interfaces offered by a virtual environment allow you to monitor activity and edit the privileges of users from outside the system, making it possible to eliminate admin rights from a user even as the user account is being created elsewhere in the system.

You need a strong, granular privilege identity management system to run a large information network, and that is exactly what you get with a robust virtualization solution. With a powerful management console and the ability to handle complex sets of users with different roles, you will be able to segregate duties effectively from one central interface, making your information management more efficient and time-effective. Privilege identity management doesn’t need to be complex or difficult with a fully featured virtualization kit. What’s more, virtualization allows a seamless way for you to track and monitor activity through your systems. Nothing could be easier! Your virtualization system can help you do these things with keystroke logging and event tracking features that simplify your administrative duties in a significant way.

Naturally, there are other solutions to help eliminate admin rights, but they are often clunky, outdated, or lack important security, logging, or productivity features. Why cobble together your network information security arsenal from multiple different pieces that may not connect together neatly instead of a single comprehensive solution? It is far easier to choose a solution that gives you a compact, out of the box answer to all your security needs and provides seamless protection from the foreseeable problems of information security and piracy in the modern day. Try out virtualization soon and see what a difference it can make to the way that you run your business! You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.

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