A Glimpse Behind the DC Art Scene

If you ever been to Washington D.C., then you know firsthand it is a very diverse city because of its wide array of cultures.

Now if you are an artist, then you know D.C. offers a buffet of beauty for the creative mind. With a host of fine galleries such as Fraser, Irvine and Addison/Ripley to keep the wandering eye occupied, D.C.'s art scene is amongst the best in the world. It’s why so many young, ambitious artists are flooding our nation's capital.

For those who do plan to visit or relocate to Washington D.C., with the idea of infiltrating the art scene, you probably want to be prepared. One of the ways you can get ready to be the next great artist is to answer the piercing question, “what is arts management?”

Arts management is the one degree that can be utilized for nearly any profession, as it develops a constructive, discerning eye to – everything.

Art is a skill that extracts some of the most creative elements from the mind. An art management degree explores practically every component of art. From terminologies to styles, art students can attain an added advantage, and Washington D.C. is the one place where an arts management degree can excel. Besides having some incredible galleries, Washington D.C.'s art scene also includes amazing studios like Jackson Art and 411 Art Associates and Creative Clay Pottery. In addition to that, D.C. also has a spectacular outdoor art market with displays from companies like Bethesda Fine Arts Festival, Adams Morgan and many others.

Few universities offer arts management degrees that can actually be applied to other facets of business. Furthermore, even fewer art management programs can provide people with in-depth looks into art from the basics to the business side of things. This field requires some luck. You can be prepared for a career as an art curator, critic or gallery owner in a town like D.C., if you so desire.

Since artistic people are known for thinking outside the box, their creative abilities can often be applied to practically any field. It is no secret that the flexibility of an arts management degree can enable art graduates with specific advantages to searching out interesting jobs. But if being the boss of your own studio is not what you prefer, it is nice to know you can use your degree for another profession in D.C. or elsewhere.

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