5 Display No-no's at an Expo

Marketing is increasingly becoming source to rely on for economical development.  Many companies are on the search for the best ways to improve their marketing. Trade show display is one of the great tools for marketing which can enable you to attract more clients day after day. These displays are the gates to better image to your company and can be the way to promote your new products. During expos, you may be able to get new business connections to expand your business. There are things that you ought to avoid during any expo otherwise you would kill any business leads that you would have gotten from the expos.

Avoid under sizing your trade show display
Whenever you are presenting your business, you should avoid the mistake of having too small exhibitions. When you are competing with your competitors you should make sure you present a perfectly sized exhibit as your competitors so that you can stand your ground to avoid losing your exhibit amongst other exhibitors.

Never exaggerate the size of your stands
Even if having a small sized booth could undermine your exhibit you should also make sure, you get the right details on the maximum size for your exhibit.  Do not exaggerate the size of your displays.

Avoid disorganizing your trade show display area
The way in which you set up your trade show display highly determines whether people will visit your booth or not. Learn to organize your booth such that it does not look clumsy. Only present what is important for the expo. For instance, do not have empty packing boxes scattered everywhere or have empty packets of free samples on the floor. This would leave a bad image about you, making the entire expo counterproductive.

Never fail to train employees specifically for the expo
Expos are quite different from other marketing forums. Each expo presents a unique challenge that employees are supposed to solve, thus there is a need to train company representatives for every expo. Though employee personality is a key contributor to generating leads from expos, it should be combined with in house training.  You also would not want representatives who would embarrass your company during expos. Select employees who can handle client questions with authority.

Never have disorganized inventory
Whenever people visit your stand, they expect to get assistance within the shortest possible time. The fliers that you issue should be placed in an organized manner that eliminates confusion. You should not take too long trying to find something that your client is waiting for. Some people would not want to visit crowded stands since they would not get the required assistance immediately. If you cannot find the things that are essential for the expo due to your disorganized manner of keeping inventory, your clients would most likely have a bad experience with you or never remember you.

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