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As time and technology change, so too have the diverse security needs of homeowners and business owners. The one-system-fits-all security systems of yesteryear simply do not serve the best interests of anyone. CallTeks Security is a locally owned and operated company focused on delivering the system that best meets the needs of a diverse range of clients.

CallTeks Security is led by three partners-DJ Swartwout, Ian Engel and Nicole Swartwout, each bringing leadership, integrity and forward-thinking vision to the dynamic company. “We’ve been around since 2013 as CallTeks Security but between myself, DJ and  Nicole SwartwoutIan we’ve had businesses in access control and security for 20 years,” states Nicole Swartwout. “Ian and DJ started with a telecommunications company which primarily focused in low voltage work, cabling, and Voice and Data Networks that later branched them into integrating and designing access control and CCTV camera systems.”

Security alarm systems, access control badging systems, appliance controls, camera systems, GPS integrated thermostats, automated garage door control, automated door locks and even an upcoming pet tracking system are all ways that CallTeks Security can help customize a security system that can make homes and businesses alike more secure and run more efficiently and safely. “Ten years ago home security was just your basic burglar alarm system… they were really expensive and there was no way you would consider putting cameras in your home because they were a couple thousand dollars each, big & bulky, plus honestly had low image quality. Now we have price points on cameras around $200 to $300 for the home or small business, a price point in which people can afford,” states Swartwout. “The great thing about technology is that as it advances the prices actually go down.”

 DJ SwartwoutAutomated door locks are just one of the cutting edge security items available through CallTeks. They provide over 20 different finishes and variations through Yale and Kwikset. Swartwout explains, “These automated locks are based on fingerprint resistant touch screen technology. Normally, the locks have a blank face plate, when you hover your hand over the automated lock, a blue touch screen comes up. You can program up to 100 different unique user codes on these locks.” When connected to a CallTeks Security system, you can get customized push notifications sent to designated device(s) to alert when someone has accessed your property. Settings can also be toggled on and off to allow approved times of entry for select persons such as housekeepers, dog sitters or others who may need legitimate access to a property while an owner is away. These types of automated locks are available for both residential small business integrations.

 There are various security packages available to homeowners at different price points and each security, automation and video solution is customized and offers around-the-clock protection. Interactive Home Security starts at $39.99 per month, Home Automation and Security starts at $49.99 per month and Home Video and Surveillance starts at $59.99 per month. “All of our packages include the basic equipment such as a touch screen panel with two-way voice, including a GSM radio (the same technology used in a cell phone). You have the ability to communicate via two-way voice technology to a 24/7 redundant monitoring service for emergencies this also gives us an exact location of your panel.” With our advance technology, there is no need for an external hard-wired phone line, even if power goes out there is battery back-up for the system, and we utilize patented “smash and crash” technology, in which sensors are triggered if the system is ever tampered with. There is also a cafeteria-style menu with additional equipment and features for those that want more from their home security system.

“The $49.99 package gives you the ability to control all of your automation; lights, locks, thermostats and customized sensors. You get the ability to control that from any mobile device,” Swartwout continues. The last package is the $59.99 Home Video and Surveillance package. That’s where we add the cameras and based on cloud storage.”

“With CallTeks, customers own their systems,” explains Swartwout. Other companies may rent the equipment or lock in customers to lengthy contracts with the façade of “Free equipment” the reality is that you are in essence financing that equipment over the term of the contract. “It is industry standard to have a contract option and with CallTeks, a contract is three years with “included equipment,” Swartwout says. “One thing that we do that our competitors don’t is that if you do not want to have a three year contract, we have a lower monthly monitoring option. We allow you to buy the equipment outright at the beginning and you are not locked into a contract and we won’t need to do a credit check.

 Integration is a wonderful way to take charge of a home or business. “The possibilities are endless and it’s changing every single day,” says Swartwout. “We are very active in taking part of the different security industry expos and conferences so we know all the latest industry buzz, upcoming integrations, and learn how we can offer new and updated technology to current customers. The panel we start with is based off of Z-Wave technology. You can compare it to a Bluetooth technology but it’s a secured technology that sends out a different encrypted frequencies for associated hardware. Some of those items for the ‘connected’ home or the ‘smart home’ include a thermostat that is GPS-rated.” So that via a smart phone, the home will be notified when you are at a certain barrier distance and trigger the thermostat to turn on or off; saving you time and money without thinking.

Commercial security systems can vary widely depending on the size of the business and the types of protection that is needed. Commercial security solutions include access control, audio/visual solutions, CCTV, fiber optics, security systems and voice and data networking. With our customized commercial solutions, CallTeks Security will provide a bid after a site walk and usually equipment is paid for up front with a deposit and then the labor and job work are billed upon completion and delivery of the project.

“We have a three year warranty for our contracted systems and we also honor the manufacturer’s warranty, so that you can call us directly with issues. We feel that if we installed it, we are responsible for it and know how to troubleshoot it the best rather than leaving the customer responsible for contacting the manufacturer” Swartwout says. “If it’s something that we can warranty as a product, we’ll take care of it. If it’s something where security equipment is left out in the elements, we will have a small service fee but absolutely, we’ll come out and fix it.”

  Ian EngelCallTeks offers both self-monitoring and centrally monitored systems. “We always recommend security systems are connected to central monitoring stations in case of emergencies. However, with today’s technology you can personally be connected to the home so you can check and prevent false alarms. When you have the integration of a video or motion sensor with pictures, you can tell who is inside your home,” adds Swartwout. “Not only is s centrally monitoring system talking through two-way voice, but on the back end they’re verifying with you on your provided authorized phone numbers, ‘Is this truly an intruder, yes or no?’” Preventing false alarms provides peace of mind for the user and also saves the valuable time and resources of the police and fire department.

CallTeks Security does not use outside independent contractors. “We are very proud of the fact that we do everything in-house at CallTeks,” states Swartwout. “That means we don’t use 1099 contractors, we have all W2 employees, who are thoroughly background checked, fingerprinted, and provided multiple certified trainings in-house.” All inbound phone calls come directly to the CallTeks Security office. When a customer calls, it is highly likely they will speak with someone who already knows them by name and is familiar with their specific security system.

CallTeks Security is located at 14001 N. 7th St., Suite C-106, Phoenix. Visit or call (844) 862-0318 for more information.

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